AI Development: Can We Afford to Hit Pause?

By Gabriel Mattys | March 30, 2023

A look into the open letter signed by over 1,100 tech leaders, calling for a pause on the development of large language models and its potential impact on regulating AI development.

As a tech fan, I’m stoked to share some cool info and thoughts about AI regulations that might catch the attention of business owners who are into AI.

Some recent studies have shown that AI gadgets with human-like smarts can create some major issues for people and the world around us. As AI gets stronger, we gotta ask ourselves some big questions: Should we let robots fill our news feeds with lies and fake stuff? Should we get rid of all jobs, even the awesome ones? Should we make computer brains that might one-day out-think, out-do, and replace us? These are some heavy questions that need some serious thought and planning.

Sadly, the planning and management needed just ain’t happening right now, even though AI labs are racing to make and use super smart computer minds that nobody – not even the people who made ‘em – can really understand, guess, or control.

There’s pretty much no way we can create a trustworthy and working AI regulator in just six months. So, asking for a total halt to development isn’t the best way to go. To make AI rules that work, we’ll need governments, researchers, big shots in the industry, and other important folks working together.

As AI fans and pros, it’s up to us to make sure AI grows safely and smartly. That means working on making today’s top-notch systems more accurate, safe, easy to understand, clear, strong, focused, dependable, and honest. It also means teaming up with lawmakers to create rules that help AI grow safely and responsibly.

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