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At GMCOLAB, an Antwerp based software agency, we help you leverage the skills of your current human capital and double your output by integrating GPT-3 in your business processes.

We use the GPT-3 AI models to generate content for websites and socials, generate leads, engage audiences and screening of applicants amongst others.

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Marketing & Sales

GPT-3 can be used in both the marketing and sales processes. Here are a few use cases:

  1. Content generation: Generate marketing and sales content, including emails, social media posts, and website copy. This could help to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of marketing and sales campaigns.

  2. Customer segmentation: Analyze customer data and segment customers into different groups based on their characteristics and behavior. This could help to create targeted marketing and sales campaigns that are more likely to be effective.

  3. Lead generation: Generate leads by identifying potential customers and automatically reaching out to them with personalized messages.

  4. Personalized recommendations: Generate personalized product recommendations for customers based on their past purchase history and other relevant data.

Let the GPT3 AI assist you with your marketing and sales processes. 

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Automated customer service and support

There are several ways that GPT-3 could potentially be integrated into customer service and support business processes:

  1. Chatbots: Power chatbots that handle customer inquiries, providing personalized and accurate responses to customer questions and requests in real time through different platforms such as: Whatsapp, Telegram, SMS or Website.

  2. Email and ticket response: Automatically pregenerate responses to customer emails and support tickets, helping to improve response times and ensure that all customer inquiries are promptly addressed.

  3. Knowledge base articles: Generate knowledge base articles and FAQs for customer support, providing customers with accurate and up-to-date information on products and services.

  4. Social media monitoring: Monitor social media platforms for customer inquiries and comments, enabling customer service teams to respond to customer feedback in real-time.

  5. Customer feedback: Analyze customer feedback and identify trends and issues that need to be addressed, helping to improve the overall customer experience.

The use of GPT-3 improves the customer experience and reduce response times, leading to higher customer satisfaction.

Human Resources

Here are a few examples of business processes within Human Resources where GPT3 can be used:

  1. Resume and cover letter review: Automatically review and analyze resumes and cover letters, identifying key skills and qualifications and providing feedback to HR professionals.

  2. First online interview: A first automated screening of the candidate that can happen immediately when the professional submits his cover letter and CV.

  3. Employee onboarding and training: Generate personalized onboarding materials and training materials for new hires,  ensuring that new employees receive all the necessary information and support they need to succeed in their new roles.

  4. Employee engagement: Generate customized employee engagement surveys and collect feedback from employees about their experiences working for the company.

Overall, GPT-3 has the potential to significantly improve efficiency and productivity within HR departments by automating a range of tasks and enabling HR professionals to focus on more high-value work.

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Our services have increased the businesses of various clients. Amongst our clients we have had:

Etsy Quantitative Market Research Tool

A data driven method to decide which products to sell.

Sport Betting Odds Comparison Tool

This tool orders the bookies in order of best return for your bet.

Real Estate Valuation and Prospecting Tool

A dynamic, future proof prospecting method in the real estate world.

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