We help you prepare for the age of AI

At GMCOLAB, an Antwerp-based software agency, we help you prepare for the Age of AI.

There are numerous applications for AI, and we help you identify the best ones for your needs. Imagine it like finding the perfect ingredients for a recipe – we help you choose the right mix of AI ‘ingredients’ to achieve your goals. We’re not just about strategy – we’re about implementation, too. Feel free to review the multiple use cases below.

Intrigued? Excited? So are we. Don’t hesitate and reach out. Let’s explore how we can empower your business with AI.

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Generative AI Development & Integrations

We specialize in crafting custom software infused with the power of Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Each business has its own set of challenges and opportunities. Hence, we work closely with you to create a personalized AI solution that fits your needs perfectly.

From building intuitive chatbots to deploying knowledge response systems, our solutions improve your product, your service or the customer experience you offer.

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AI Consulting

Do you have questions about  AI’s practical use or benefits? 

We provide strategic guidance, enabling you to fully exploit the power of Generative AI and Large Language Models (LLMs). Our goal is to help you get your data, people and processes ready for AI.

We start with an analysis of your business landscape. Then, we pinpoint the most relevant applications for your business. 

Together we design an AI strategy so we can move from AI interest to action to value.

Workshop Facilitation

We come to your office and help you discover how generative AI can create images, text, videos, code, and even music. We’ll help you discover the possibilities and dangers.

Most importantly, we’ll show you demo’s on how it’s used in real-life industries. 

In our sessions, you’ll get to think and share your ideas about how AI can help you.  Together, we’ll come up with three AI ideas just for you. We’ll then check to see if these ideas are doable and if they can make a significant difference.

How we deliver projects





We discuss needs and expectations


Defining required functionality


Creating the look and feel + style


Technology stack implementation


Everything works bug-free

Product LAUNCH


What have we done so far...

Our services have increased the businesses of various clients. Amongst our clients we have had:

Novelevate: a GPT-4 app for custom kids' books

Novelevate is a GPT-4 powered tool that creates custom children's books in minutes. Users input interests and age, and the app generates text and illustrations. Books are downloadable as PDFs and offer a voice-reading feature.

Cold AI: GPT-4 Integrated AI Agents

Cold AI is a platform that allows customers to build customized chatbots trained on specific documents like. Users can test, edit, and embed these bots into websites to automate tasks for teams or improve customer interactions.

Elevate Your IP with Generative AI

This tool helps copywriting experts digitize their IP with AI models. Users can input parameters to generate customized content like landing page text. Ideal for educators and consultants offering AI tools to clients or students.

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Gabriel - CEO


CEO & Founder

In charge of customer relations and business development.

Ann Sofie - Communication Expert


Communication Expert

Ann-Sofie works her magic on copywriting and branding.

Andrew - CTO



Our lead developer, Andrew brings code and tech into the lab.

Robin Data Analyst


Data Analyst

Data expert, always ready to start automating and writing code.

Greg Chatzinikolaou



Hard-working full-stack developer.




The go-to person for team support.


The Key Part of our team

As a customer, you are always part of our team as well. In open communication, you are a valuable member of the co-creation of your own project.

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