YouTube BOT

Video Commenting Tool

Een applicatie die het plaatsen van reacties op YouTube automatiseert.


The customer, an Youtube-influencer, was spending two hours daily, growth-hacking his channels. He would engage with other channels targeting his niche and post relevant comments. The channels’ audience, remarking his comments, would subsequently subscribe to his channel.


We helped the customer by creating an application which automates the comment posting. This application allows the Youtube-influencer the following actions:

  1. Add a YouTube channel that the software will be commenting from
  2. Add links to YouTube channels whose videos will be commented on
  3. A tab where we could write a list of comments
  4. Automated right comment placement – up to 120 comments daily


The YouTube-influencer can now comment from his channels automatically. By increasing his engagement with other similar channels, the customer succeeded in growing his YouTube account and his revenue stream by 2000$ monthly!

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