Competition Spy Tool

Gegevens, analyse en visualisatie van concurrenten verzamelen.


At this point in time the E-shop manager wants to take decisions based on numbers instead of gut feeling. The task of continuously checking a certain sales page is too time-consuming, but is needed if he wants to base his decision on numbers.


We helped the e-shop manager to parse the webpage with a python script. The information is written into a SQL Database. Every midnight the information is updated. We have also created a website to display the gathered information. In human language, it means that we gather competitor data, analyse it and present it in a easy to understand format. The displayed information gives our manager daily insight on what is hot and what is not, so they will choose the right gamma of products and will price them competitively. If you don’t use any data in your decision making process, you might want to start thinking about that. Your competition is already doing it! Hereby you can find an overview of the website.


The e-commerce manager earns 25% more by being able to take the right decisions. Besides that, he can spend his extra time with his wife and children.

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