The amount of data that flows from, to, and through businesses is enormous. Because this data is growing so rapidly, it is beyond the reach of many organizations to utilize it.

Successful businesses effectively use the abundance of data they have access to. This enables them to make more reliable forecasts, data-driven decisions and pursue better strategies.  

Acquiring and utilizing data results in:

  • Data-driven and automated decision making
  • Cost reduction
  • Industry and customer insights 

We are by your side helping you gather the right data and use it in a meaningful way that will help you grow your business.

Data extraction/gathering

Information gathering from multiple sources such as (websites, excel sheets, API’s), combining and cleaning the data, and providing it in the required format. Real estate agents and e-commerce owners have benefited of such services.

Data Analysis and Reporting

Automated research of marketplaces such as Amazon and Etsy to identify which keywords are ranking high. By following and identifying high ranking keywords/niches we helped for example book authors choose the topic of their next book. Dropshippers are also big fans of these services.


Competition Spy

Gathering competitors data, analysis and visualization.

Etsy Quantitative Market Research Tool

A data driven method to decide which products to sell.

HR Recruiters Tool

A script which automates the search process for opened job positions.

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