Lead Generation

HR Recruiters Tool

A script which automates the search process for opened job positions.


Recruiters waste 2-3 hours daily browsing the government website and searching for the right profiles. By placing the right person in a company which is looking for exactly that profile, the recruiters can make a juicy commission. This burdensome searching task takes about two hours of the recruiters day, before he even gets to the cold-calling part.


We helped the recruiters automate this burdensome part of the job. We build a script which automates the search process. If wanted the professionals can also set up Telegram alerts, which notifies them when new, qualified jobs are posted by enterprises.

This system will be sold as from February 2020 to different interim offices in Belgium.

This project has been coded in Python Flask and uses a Sqlite database to store the data.

For the notifications, we make use of the Telegram bot API to send notifications and to process Telegram bot commands.


The recruiter who works with this tool has the time to interview daily two more candidates, which has allowed him to double his income.

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