E-Commerce Deposits

A money deposit processing bot integrated with e-commerce website.


An ecommerce website owner processes his different payments manually. He does this because the website processes all the money from the received orders to only one bank account.

He now manually splits the different payments over his multiple bank accounts in order for him to benefit lower charges on the money transactions. For this manual process he needs to read the emails and match payments to placed orders in the back-end of the website.

This is a boring and time-consuming task that is absolutely necessary. What is unnecessary however, is that he keeps doing it manually.

The client anticipates that the number of orders will rapidly increase in the next months due to a change in regulation. He knows he will not be able to keep up if he continues to do the work in this manner.


A deposit processing bot has been integrated in his website. In human language this means that the website-owner now no longer has to open and read every email and split the payments over his different bank accounts himself.

The bot filters the emails, accepts the payment to one of the integrated banks (TD, RBC, CIBC, Scotiabank, CCEC, Blueshorefinancial) and processes the order in the online-shop. The website-owner can also receive a notification through email and SMS (Twilio) when a payment took place.


2% lower bank charges on every transaction and two hours daily of wasting less time on boring and repetitive tasks

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