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Case Studies

Below your can browse through some of our previous projects where we developed tools and platforms to help solve our customers' problems.

Etsy Quantitative Market Research Tool

A data driven method to decide which products to sell.

Sport Betting Odds Comparison Tool

This tool orders the bookies in order of best return for your bet.

Real Estate Valuation and Prospecting Tool

A dynamic, future proof prospecting method in the real estate world.

Toneden Intuitive Dashboards

We have built intuitive dashboards on top of the Toneden.io platform.


We take over the boring and repetitive research work for you. We help real estate agents every day with the...

Competition Spy

Gathering competitors data, analysis and visualization.

Online Tutoring

Platform where students can easily find online/remote tutors.

Video Commenting

An application which automates the comment posting on YouTube.

HR Recruiters Tool

A script which automates the search process for opened job positions.

E-commerce Deposits

A money deposit processing bot integrated with e-commerce website.

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