Case Studies

Below your can browse through some of our previous projects where we developed tools and platforms to help solve our customers' problems.

Novelevate: a GPT-4 app for custom kids' books

Novelevate is a GPT-4 powered tool that creates custom children's books in minutes. Users input interests and age, and the app generates text and illustrations. Books are downloadable as PDFs and offer a voice-reading feature.

Cold AI: GPT-4 Integrated AI Agents

Cold AI is a platform that allows customers to build customized chatbots trained on specific documents like. Users can test, edit, and embed these bots into websites to automate tasks for teams or improve customer interactions.

Elevate Your IP with Generative AI

This tool helps copywriting experts digitize their IP with AI models. Users can input parameters to generate customized content like landing page text. Ideal for educators and consultants offering AI tools to clients or students.

Leveraging AI for ROI: Expert Consulting Services

Struggling to align AI or machine learning with your business strategy? Our AI consulting approach includes Feasibility Analysis for project viability, tailored Technical Advisement, and Business Consultation.

AI Research and Planning Before Development

AI research and planning before development is crucial. This way we ensure that AI models are tested comprehensively before application development, saving time and resources.

AI-Driven WhatsApp Supervisor for Support

For cleaning company Spruces we built an AI chatbot that leverages OpenAI's GPT-3 technology. We integrated it into WhatsApp, serving as a "supervisor" for their cleaners, enhancing efficiency and problem-solving.

Socials Data Gathering, Analysis and Display

Furia, a renowned Esports Organization, approached us to build a portal for their sponsors. The portal is meant to provide their sponsors with insights into the Organization's fans' engagement.

SEC Data Research for company Financials

A family owned investment firm, wanted us to automate the way they work with SEC data. Our web application collects and aggregates all important financial data and documents in an easy readable dashboard. intuitive Dashboards

Our customer was in need of an intuitive dashboard where he could aggregate different data sources and easily show his customers the results of his efforts.

Real Estate Valuation and Prospecting Tool

An innovative Swiss real estate agent approached us wanting a more efficient way to find, screen, and follow-up leads. They wanted to increase their competitive advantage.

Sport Betting Odds Comparison Tool

An Australian gambling website was looking into entering the US market (NFL). They wanted to organically expand their existing customer base and increase transparency.

Etsy Quantitative Market Research Tool

With this tool the client active in online retail has a data driven method in deciding which products to add to their own product range, or which new ventures to engage in.

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